Vagabond Junction (Left to Right)
Kurt Otto - Drums
Julius Ulrich - Guitars
Donovan Nugent - Bass
Patrick Mitchell - Vocals, Piano

It was a warm Fall evening in San Diego. Julius Ulrich (Virgin Recording Artist Asphalt Ballet, 13A) was in the studio working on new music when a phone call came from a Nashville recording engineer. Seems an old friend, Patrick Mitchell (Patrick Mitchell Band, Fith) had been honing his voice in the Southern State in the same way that time ages a good wine and was getting ready to head West.

Patrick returned to San Diego by winter that year and quickly settled in as lead vocalist in what would soon become Vagabond Junction. The two began writing music and recording while word traveled that the hunt was on for a bass player. Donovan Nugent, another longtime friend and San Diego musician (Electric Junkies, Festerbilt) soon got the word and made the decision to return to his first love by strapping on his P-bass and picking up the low end for VJ. By year’s end, yet another familiar face had found his way to Vagabond Junction. Drummer Kurt Otto (Lessons from Zeke, Unset) would become the final addition to the band's current lineup.

Through all the twists, turns and the wanderings of life and music, these four musicians and friends have somehow found their way together in what gave the band its name-a sort of “vagabond junction”.

Influenced by everything from 60’s soul, 70’s blues rock, southern rock, hard rock and everything in between, it’s not hard to fall in love with a song or ten. The music of Vagabond Junction simply wreaks with talent in every direction and is only exceeded by their humility.

Vagabond Junction is currently rehearsing their brand of American Rock while performing in some of San Diego’s finest venues (H.O.B., Anthology, Brick by Brick) and outdoor festivals. With each new show and each new listen became new fans.

Look for Vagabond Junction playing Southwest’s finest clubs and outdoor music festivals, along with their first release due out early Summer 2012.

An American Rock Band
Greasy. Bluesy. Soulful. Rock & Roll.


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